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  • OK Heli October 21, 2016


    The Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society would like to say a BIG Thank You to Okanagan Mountain Helicopters, and especially George Cann, for the extremely generous donation of a helicopter tour of the Okanagan Lake and Myra Canyon to our recently retired founding director, Graham Bruce. Graham was so excited to receive this gift, and he had an amazing ride. To ad-lib, Graham stated “it looks so different from the air” Thank you so much, Okanagan Mountain Helicopters. We are overwhelmed with all the support we have received over the years from our local business community.

  • May 12, 2016

    The Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society volunteers have now removed the many trees across the trail between Myra and Ruth gates, and also moved aside some of the rocks that were on the trail.  The trail is now fully open to bikers or hikers for their enjoyment.  A Bobcat will be brought in at a later date to do further cleanup work, and to remove slide material at the side of the trail.  A caution however as strong winds could bring down additional trees damaged in the 2003 fire at any time.

  • Trail conditions April 27, 2016

    As of April 26, 2016 there is still some snow on and along the trail in sheltered areas.  There are approximately 20 downed trees across the trail between the Myra Parking Lot and a point eight kilometres beyond.   The trail is still passable but bikers will need to lift bikes over downed trees, or dismount and walk them around the ends.  There are reports of many downed trees near the Ruth end of Myra Canyon and snow on the trail, but the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society has not been in yet to carry out a detailed assessment.  The snow near the Ruth end is expected to persist for some time yet.

  • Trail Status Open February 20, 2016

    February 13, 2016. The road up to the Myra parking lot has been plowed and sanded and is in excellent condition. The parking lot has been plowed as far as the gate and a turn-around created for users. The snow on the trail is packed down, making for relatively easy access for users. There is about 24 inches of snow accumulation on the level which is above the 15 inches normal for up there this time of year. Unless temperatures are well above normal it is likely that there will be snow in the rock cuts until early May. If you experience obstacles, it would be appreciated if you would notify us.