The Snow is Gone !!

Volunteers of the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society headed up to the Myra Canyon Trestles yesterday (May 18, 2017) to do our annual spring inspection. The snow is now gone from the area, and the trail was found in reasonably good shape. There is a lot of spring runoff so water is running across the trail in areas, but the trail is holding up fine. Several downed trees were removed along with fallen rock. There are a few minor mudslides that will need clearing, but visitors will be able to get around them. With the sunny weather finally here, quite a few visitors were already up there.

Just a caution to everyone. The gravel forestry roads up to the Myra Canyon on both the Ruth and Myra sides, along with the parking lots, are in terrible condition. You will need to drive slowly and cautiously. We are reporting this to BC Parks and are hoping the roads will be graded soon. Any complaints should be directed to them.